Stress can upset your digestive system. Certain food choices can create Inflammation in the body. Conflicts with family members can leave you fatigued.

In other words, everything is connected.

Yet traditional healthcare tends to happen in silos, without a view of the full picture. Healthcare practitioners rarely communicate, and you are left to coordinate and manage your own care/treatments.

Dynamic Health Founder and Registered Nurse Leah Weisberg

We’re here to change that. Founded by Nurse Psychotherapist, Coach & CEO Leah Weisberg, Dynamic Health is an integrative health centre serving North York and beyond. Our mission is to connect the dots between your body, mind and relationships and ensure you receive the right treatments, by the right practitioner(s), at the right time.


We believe that all adults struggling with mental illness and emotional difficulties deserve an integrative approach.

Integrative – or holistic – health refers to the fact that we:

Addresses your body and mind

Assess your physical concerns, emotional & mental challenges and your relationships

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Offers conventional and complementary treatment options

Provide a variety of treatment options, including alternative and complementary, and coordinate care

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Looks for the root of the symptoms

Create a true connection with you as the client and include you in every decision about your care.

In addition to our healthcare services, we offer group and individual programs designed to address specific challenges and access to professional-grade supplements through our dispensary.

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therapy room at Dynamic Health

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