Mental Well-Being For Organizations​

Absenteeism, short-term disability, and difficulty coming back to in person work.
We know your employees are struggling, and the pandemic, economic uncertainty and changing landscape of work with the advances of AI are only worsening our collective mental state.
Mental health affects all of us. 1 out 2 individuals, as published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal, will be diagnosed with a mental illness throughout their lifetime. That’s 50% of your employees! And the other 50% surely have risk factors and/or are dealing with the impact of a family member or loved one who is struggling with mental decline.
By supporting the mental well-being of your employees, we know that productivity, retention and engagement will improve. As will overall employee job satisfaction which translates to happiers mothers and fathers coming home to their children.
By offering a safe space for individuals to discuss their concerns, our professional team helps mitigate and manage stress which in turn, improves their work performance, and helps to foster a culture of mental well-being in your workplace.

Dynamic Health offers a holistic approach to supporting the mental well-being of each member of your organization

We offer a proactive approach that can prevent the onset of symptoms.
Together we build a healthy workplace that nurtures employee resilience and potential.
Holistic Workplace Mental Well-Being Programs integrate physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
Our specialized training programs focus on fostering a culture of empathy, effective communication, and proactive mental health support.

Our Mental Well-Being Programs Includes:

1. Mental Well-Being Workshops

The first step to personal growth and developing resilience is self-awareness. Our first series of workshops enable employees to learn more about themselves, their stress triggers, their risk factors and their current coping strategies.  These workshops speak to all individuals, regardless of whether or not they identify as having a mental illness. Our second series of workshops cover an array of healthy coping strategies that one should have in their toolbox of resources.  These include how to start a mindfulness meditation practice, how to incorporate movement into one’s day, how to avoid foods that hurt the brain, how to get a good night’s sleep and how to improve one’s relationships. Our third series of workshops enable employees to discover their full potential, including their personal strengths, areas for personal meaning and fulfillment, and how to ensure their potential is being actualized both in the workplace and in their personal lives. All workshops include time for group discussion and are led by a licensed mental health professional.  All workshops are customizable and resource lists offered upon completion. Education to improve your workplace’s mental health landscape.
  • Contact our Mental Health Nurses to discuss how our Workplace Well-Being Programs can transform your workplace.
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2. Individual Employee Assessments

It’s easy to know when things are not going well for an individual.  It’ss more helpful to know before the fact, whether they have risk factors for burnout, generalized anxiety disorder, and/or clinical depression. Our proven screening questionnaires can guide each person to understand his unique set of risk factors and become aware of the areas that he or she needs to address with a mental health professional.  Customized reports are created from the results of the screening forms, and are reviewed with each employee by a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Screening is applicable to everyone, so even if they have an already existing mental health diagnosis, this process will monitor for triggers and factors that will worsen the condition or lead to an acute episode. Our Mental Health Nurse Practitioners complete a full clinical interview with each person who completes the screening tools.  Clinical information is gathered to corroborate signs and symptoms with screening tool results, and so that any applicable psychiatric diagnosis can be provided on the spot.  They can also order laboratory testing to rule physical causes of mental health symptoms which puts them a step ahead in preventing further physical symptoms.

Assessments to Improve your Workplace’s Mental Health Landscape.

  • Contact our Mental Health Nurses to discuss how our Workplace Well-Being Programs can transform your workplace.
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3. Clinical Services

For those who have completed an assessment, confidential counseling and support services can be accessed Sunday to Friday from 9am-9pm.  Employees may be experiencing mental decline, personal or work-related stress, and our counseling staff will be equipped with a full health history in order to expedite the treatment process.  Relationships can be fostered at the onset of symptoms and those same relationships can exist throughout the recovery process. We also have in-house Naturopathic Doctors who offer evidence-based services that go beyond the conventional offerings.  These include brain chemistry testing, hormonal testing, nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies, and acupuncture.

Clinical Services to Improve your Workplace’s Mental Health Landscape.

  • Contact our Mental Health Nurses to discuss how our Workplace Well-Being Programs can transform your workplace.
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4. Managerial Training

In order for your leaders to support the mental well-being of their teams, we also offer Mental Health First Aid training to groups and ongoing consultation services.  Whether senior management, or ambassadors, all employees can benefit from learning how to intervene when someone is experiencing mental decline or crises. We equip your team with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create an environment of psychological safety where their members can thrive. Mental Health First Aid is a Certified Program offered through the Mental Health Commission of Canada and provided directly by a Dynamic Health employee. Leadership training to improve your workplace’s mental health landscape.
  • Contact our Mental Health Nurses to discuss how our Workplace Well-Being Programs can transform your workplace.
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We do things a bit differently:

We recognize that every absenteeism statistic represents an individual with their own unique struggles, whether physical or mental, affecting their work life. That’s why we take a distinctive approach that cuts through the clutter and truly understands the needs of your employees.
We dive deep into your organization, examining it from all angles to craft programs that are tailor-made. This includes collaborative discussions with your management team, engaging with your HR department, and listening to your staff to gain insight into their well-being.
Using this valuable feedback, we create immersive programs designed to inspire positive changes where it matters most.

Why Trust Dynamic Health with Your Workplace Well-being?


We don’t just provide reactive services when your employees are experiencing high stress levels, burnout and mental illness.  We get connected when they are well so we can keep them well!


It’s time to move beyond disconnected EAP programs and healthcare benefits that are accessed by so few. We provide a path for each employee that guides them through primary prevention, treatment when symptoms arise, and maintenance of mental wellness if a diagnosis is established.


We look beyond the psychosocial causes of mental illness and address the biological factors that affect one’s stress level, we combine the best of conventional and complementary modalities and we make the therapeutic alliance between the employee and our company staff front and center.

Provided by Experts

Our team of certified mental health professionals have extensive experience and knowledge; including Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Registered Social Workers, Registered Psychotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Nutritionists.


We also stay up to date with latest research and best practices in our fields to ensure high quality services

Tailored approach:

  • We understand that each organization is unique.  Our services are customized to align with your specific needs, culture and goals.  We collaborate with you to address your organization’s challenges effectively.
  • Our Workplace Well-being programs can be tailored for any organization, but are generally built for those with 10-500 members.


  • We prioritize confidentiality and respect the privacy of individuals seeking support.
  • Our services are delivered in a secure and discreet manner, creating a safe space for employees to discuss their concerns openly.
  • No referral is necessary to access follow up services, further ensuring confidentiality and providing your employee with an easy transition to manage their mental well-being.

Long-term Partnerships:

  • We believe in lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Our commitment goes beyond delivering services- we provide ongoing support, regular check-ins, data and evaluation reports that make sure you know whats happening with the mental health of your employees.
  • We strive to ensure continuous improvement and sustained positive outcomes.

Invest in the Well-Being of your Workplace Today!

Unlock the full potential of your organization and it’s team members.

Contact our Mental Health Nurses to discuss how our Workplace Well-Being Programs can transform your workplace.

Together we will create a culture where employees thrive, productivity soars and mental health is valued.
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