COVID on Your Body

COVID on Your Body

The gyms are closed….again…

The restaurants are closed….again….

The schools are closed….again….

What is going on here?  Did we ever think that we’d be in this place again?  

The previous lockdown and restrictions had us exercising less, eating more and making poorer food choices.  Countless individuals have been seeking nutrition support because of “COVID weight” that they gained.

Now I do think everyone should feel comfortable and satisfied in their bodies whatever size that is, the worry with excess weight and fat distribution is the effects it has on our organs, metabolism, energy levels and bloodstream.

Obesity, and now we’ve been hearing about globesity, is abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health” and this is not a joke.

For those of us who used to hit the gym several times a week, we are walking around with at least 10% more body weight now…for those of us who use to go to the workplace and move around through the day are now sedentary and for those who were sedentary to begin with – well you know what that means.

Our bodies are complex machines that work best when provided with pristine fuel and when utilized effectively.  When we eat whole foods that nourish us, and when we move our joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons often and correctly, we experience energy, vitality, flexibility and endurance.

If you struggle with chronic weight gain, IBS, arthritis, PCOS, fibromyalgia, depression or anxiety, you know how important healthy habits are for you.  No one wants to be sick, no one wants to be overweight, and one wants to feel tired and lethargic all day.

Taking the ONE right step in the right direction again COVID on your Body is all you need.  

Choose one healthy behaviour that you can start TODAY that you will do consistently for the next 40 days (how long it takes to create a habit).

  • Choose oatmeal for breakfast everyday.
  • Order salad with a protein for your lunch everyday
  • Carry around your water bottle everyday and make sure to get 8 glasses in total per day.
  • Stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed.
  • Eat at least 2 plant based meals everyday.

These are all easy, simple and sustainable goals if you choose just ONE.

But as you know change, any change, particularly around eating habits, requires support and accountability.  So text us at 647–347-5000 to tell us which one you are taking on so we can check in with you and keep you on target.

Or if you need professional help and weekly support check out our new Healthy Habits Program and book your complimentary call with our care manager to see if its right for you.

Leah Weisberg, RN BScN BC-NC

Leah is a Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse, Psychotherapist and Founder & CEO at Dynamic Health Collaborative.  She is passionate about providing mental health services that consider one’s mind, body and relationships.  In addition to providing private emotion-focused psychotherapy services, Leah teaches mindfulness classes, leads a team of over a dozen practitioners at her clinic, and collaborates with organizations on creating awareness of emotional and mental health concerns.  She can be reached by emailing [email protected]

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