Discover the Power of IV Therapy: A Gateway to Renewed Mental Wellness and Boundless Energy!

Discover the Power of IV Therapy: A Gateway to Renewed Mental Wellness and Boundless Energy!

Discover the Power of IV Therapy

If you want to take a cutting-edge step towards enhancing your mental well-being, overall physical health and boosting your energy levels  -then I want to introduce you to intravenous micronutrient therapy.  

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells.  Some of the energy these cells need to thrive need come from the food we eat and the nutritional supplements that we take.  Struggling with brain fog, burnout and mood issues can mean that these cells are not getting everything they need to do their job.

IV therapy, when prescribed by a Naturopathic Doctor, offers a direct path to deliver the right nutrients to the cells of your body.  A comprehensive medical assessment is completed, often blood work is requested, and a tailored blend of essential nutrients are selected to be infused straight into your bloodstream.  This is usually done in conjunction with other lifestyle modifications, oral supplements or herbal remedies, or as an adjunct to your regular medications.

IV micronutrient therapy is helpful for the following issues:

  • Anxiety and mood support

  • Brain fog

  • Digestion issues

  • Energy/fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Hormone health

  • Immune health

  • Mental performance

  • Migraine and headache relief

  • Pain management

  • Sleep

  • Fertility/pre conception

  • Dehydration

  • Burnout

At an IV session, a drip bag is set-up to infuse the nutrients through a vein into your bloodstream.  The nutrients bypass your gut and more can be absorbed by your body.  There is minimal discomfort when the needle is put in, but throughout the process you feel comfortable and able to relax in our reclining chairs.  Our Naturopathic Doctor monitors the infusion to make sure everything is going smoothly and answers any questions that you may have.

Generally a series of IVs are prescribed to see maximum benefits, i.e. weekly, before going into a maintenance regimen.  If you are frustrated with your currently treatment plan, want to try something different – then I encourage you to reach out to learn more about IV therapy.

All clients must first do (or have done) an initial assessment with Dr. Tamarah Chaddah which we can bill directly to your insurance!  (Fast track appointments available for any current clients of Dr. Janna Levanto & Shahnawaz Ali)

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