Is there a natural approach to treating anxiety?

Is there a natural approach to treating anxiety?

Stressors such as interpersonal conflict, major life transitions and financial or employment difficulties, are common causes of anxiety and may lead to the diagnosis of anxiety disorders. One natural and common approach to addressing these factors is psychotherapy. This provides emotional support, as well as tools for coping, and the opportunity to enhance self-awareness and self-management.

Natural Approaches to Treating Anxiety

It may be, however, that anxiety and its inherent symptoms are due to an underlying physiological imbalance. This could present in the form of a hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalance, or poor gut health. There are natural ways of addressing these factors, from changes in diet, nutrient therapy, and acupuncture. In addition, lifestyle changes such as starting meditative practice and exercising can help. All of the above interventions have been shown to make direct changes in our physiology.

For some individuals, where the symptoms are severe and persistent, medication may be recommended. In order to successfully and meaningfully engage in psychotherapy, whether by problem solving or addressing stressors, one needs to be prepared and stable, and medication can help achieve this state. Ideally a six-month course would take place to stabilize the client while they engage in psychotherapeutic intervention such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, before ultimately being weaned from the medication.

At Dynamic Health, one way we examine and delve into physiological imbalances, is through the WALSH Protocol. By testing both a blood and urine sample, we identify nutrient imbalances that need correcting, which spans to include distinct patterns of results commonly seen in those with anxiety disorders. Often, the course of treatment includes taking daily high doses of supplements and/or receiving IV nutrient therapy. This more aggressive natural approach can diminish the likelihood of needing medication or may help decrease the amount of medication required.

Connecting with a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in mental health and is trained in this protocol is vital and can be life changing and that opportunity is available for you right here!

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