Clinician Bio

Leah Weisberg, RN BScN BC-NC

Leah Weisberg


Dynamic Health Collaborative

Nurse Psychotherapist & Coach

I take a holistic approach to helping you with your struggle with stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and chronic disease. I help you develop greater self-awareness, different ways of thinking and show you the connection between your mind and your body. I take the time to understand whether your symptoms are rooted in physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual issues and direct you to the most appropriate professionals to have on your team.

Professional Background

  • Director of Interprofessional Practice at Dynamic Health Collaborative
  • Board Certified Nurse Coach, American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation
  • Graduate of McMaster University School of Nursing
  • HeartSpeak Practitioner
  • Past-President of the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association
  • Local and national speaker on topics related to integrative healthcare, spirituality, mental health and chronic disease

Services Offered

  • Holistic Psychotherapy
– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
– Strengths Based Therapy
– Biopsychosocial
– Spiritual
– Mindfulness & Relaxation Training
  • Heartspeak
  • Health Coaching

How it Works

Psychotherapy visits are 60 minutes long and allow clients the opportunity to understand and process their current psychological and emotional issues. Leah will address your acute symptoms of distress first, and then proceed to engage with your destructive thought patterns and beliefs.

Integrative Health Coaching sessions help you develop strategic goals for your health, and provide accountability, support and strategies for dealing with obstacles. These sessions work well when specific lifestyle recommendations are made by your doctor or healthcare professional to manage your condition, or when a client struggles to follow through with the changes that they set out to make for themselves.

Team Approach

Leah ensures that every client sees the right professional, at the right time, for the right symptoms and that there is open and ongoing communication between professionals. She might recommend that her client receive an additional form of treatment during their care, including naturopathic medicine, nutrition services, occupational therapy or social work.

Fun Facts

Leah is the mother of 3 delicious children, is an avid reader, speaks Portuguese and enjoys planning events and public speaking.