North York Clinic Explores Energy Healing

North York Clinic Explores Energy Healing

This is the age when the mind-body connection is at the forefront of healthcare thinking. What many have always known is finally seen as science discovers ways to investigate the body beyond anatomy and chemistry. Rather than investigating symptoms, we can now look at the CAUSE of dis-ease. (Dr. Alisa Blumberg, Dynamic Health Chiropractor)

Energy practices combine the study of electromagnetic fields and consciousness, and is meant to be a deliberate process of using an external energy field to induce a change in another’s energy field. For some, techniques such as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Healing Touch and Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique, provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique, otherwise known at B.E.S.T, is an energy modality used by our new in-house Chiropractor, Dr. Alisa Blumberg. After years of using this technique, Dr. Blumberg is delighted to say that addressing past thoughts and experiences that no longer service us has a tremendous impact on removing interference with our conscious minds.

Worry, guilt, fear, judgment and a myriad of other emotions can impede the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself properly. Using a gentle and specific sequence of pressure point stimulation while focusing on words meant to target specific memory stresses, B.E.S.T. stimulates the brain-body connection to act in present time conscious-ness rather than exhausting itself focusing on past negative emotions. Having been reset and able now to function at its highest capacity, the brain and nervous system can optimally regulate and repair all body functions and the door is open to attracting improved life circumstances. (Dr. Alisa Blumberg)

Knowing that our minds are intricately connected with our bodies, the use of energy practices that address this connection provides promise of reducing uncomfortable symptoms and distress. One way in which B.E.S.T is used is to augment conventional medical treatments or psychotherapy sessions, to make sure that our body albeit our unconscious, gets to tell its story too and be given the tools to move past old experiences, allowing our conscious mind freedom to move forward.

Booking a visit with Dr. Blumberg is definitely in order if you are looking for a new, deeper and energetic approach to addressing what’s been bothering you.

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