Ouch….my stomach hurts!

Ouch….my stomach hurts!

Debra, a 37 year old client, suffered several bouts of gastritis this year. Her family doctor advised that the only treatment available was taking a medication called Zantac, an antacid that would relieve her discomfort. Despite asking for clarification on the cause of the inflammation, the doctor continued to insist that she would need lifelong antacid medication.

Debra wouldn’t have it. She went to see the holistic nutritionist at Dynamic Health Collaborative who went through a patient education handout that explained how to healthfully digest your food, how to avoid painful acid reflux and gastric pain, and what foods to eliminate to test for triggers.

Within two weeks her symptoms were completely gone and she was feeling better then ever. With the elimination plan that she was put in, she even lost weight those two weeks!

Sometimes the most simple, small changes are what make the biggest difference.

And then check out the newest brief on the so-called “safe” Zantac… https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/919625?

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