Jeffrey Scharf, RP

Registered Psychotherapist (he/him)

Clinical Approach

I can support clients with:

I practice from these models:

Personal Statement

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I work from an evidence-based approach that facilitates clients to work through barriers, gain insight, and enact positive change in their lives. The counselling setting, whether in-person or virtually, is an important element of the therapeutic process. Creating a safe place for clients is the first step. Sessions with me are comfortable, informal, and high on support, honesty and understanding. In this environment, I guide clients to become more self-aware, and I encourage them to “experiment” with alternative perspectives and see blocks to achieving their desired outcomes. In developing goals with clients, the focus is on their strengths as we collaborate on finding new approaches to old challenges. I have worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, which means every type of Canadian. Through this experience, I have refined my ability to hear a client’s unique story and tailor a plan that works best for them.


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