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Natasha Parmer, NP

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Psychotherapist

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Personal Statement

For a long time, you have been described as "the problem." You have heard this countless times in your relationships, so be it with your family, friends, or partner. You understand that there is no such thing as being "perfect," but you find yourself using this thought as a way to justify your anger, emotions, and at times your self-sabotaging behaviors. Above all, you love those around you and want to sustain these relationships. You know you are accountable, but how do you reframe your emotions when you are constantly left feeling shamed, misheard, and misrepresented by those closest to you. You want to create change in your life.

As a nurse practitioner, mental health nurse specialist, I can provide a holistic approach to addressing mental health concerns. I am keen on exploring the root causes to our behaviours in adjunct with medical therapy. This is different than a problem focused approach to pathologizing the current state with medicalized therapies.

I offer a strength-based, trauma-informed, narrative style for communication. You will learn to be kind to yourself by speaking about yourself in a positive way. You will see all the glimmers of potential that you possess. I specialize in reframing destructive thought patterns. I intend to empower clients to remember their defined purpose.

My personal and professional foundation is built upon the passion to serve those who are underserved, and the pillars that support that foundation is my sense of duty to the service of humanity. It is a responsibility of mine to pay forward the kindness, understanding, and love that I have been offered through my journey in this human experience.

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