Adult ADHD Assessment provider headshot of Shanawaz Ali

Shahnawaz Ali, NP

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Psychotherapist

Services Offered

I can support clients with:

Personal Statement

I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to mental healthcare. As a Nurse Practitioner, I conduct mental health evaluations, establish diagnoses, and formulate care plans (which may or may not involve prescribing medications). I view each of my clients as humans, not just a collection of diagnoses. Collaborating with my clients, I explore the meaning behind diagnoses and how they can impact values and goals. Recognizing you as the expert in your own life, I work with you in the care process and respect your choices. I support you in making informed decisions, serving as a guide to help navigate the array of available services. I take pride in providing high-quality, thoughtful care tailored to your unique needs, and I eagerly anticipate being your partner in achieving optimal mental well-being.

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