ADHD Assessment

Are you struggling with symptoms of ADHD? Do you want to meet with a medical professional
who can determine if you meet the criteria for the diagnosis?
Our Mental Health Nurse Practitioner can complete a medical assessment virtually or in-person to help you get the answers you are looking for. You do not require a referral to use this service, however we can share the findings with your family doctor. Appointments available in a few weeks or less!
You will be asked about your current symptoms, concerns and any other medical issues that you may have. You will also be asked about your experiences as a child in school and how you function at work. You will also be screened for anxiety and depression.

How it works

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Complete an intake form and medical questionnaires

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Attend your appointment

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Receive recommendations
Adult ADHD

Professional ADHD Assessments Make A Difference

Meet with our mental health nurse practitioner for a comprehensive medical health assessment to determine if you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. You will be asked about your current symptoms, concerns and any other medical issues that you may have. You will also be asked about your experiences as a child in school and and how you function at work.

If at the end of your assessment a diagnosis is determined and you are ready to start treatment, you will be provided a plan tailored to your needs.

Effective in treating:



Up to 90 Minutes


Mental Health Nurse Practitioner



Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to see a psychiatrist?

Our Mental Health Nurse Practitioner is trained in completing ADHD assessments and does not require a referral. Nurse Practitioners are regulated healthcare professionals that can diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications and order diagnostic tests. They are not, however, covered by OHIP so there is a fee involved. Alternatively you can ask your family doctor to refer you to a local psychiatrist (covered by OHIP) but you may be waiting many months to a year for an appointment.

How long will the appointment be?

The appointment length varies depending on your symptoms, but can take anywhere up to 90 minutes..

What kind of questions will I be asked?

You will be asked about your medical history, current symptoms, any impact on day to day life including school and work, and how you behaved as a child.

Do I have to complete any bloodwork?

If you don’t have any other medical conditions or symptoms you will not need to get any bloodwork done. If you are interested in exploring nutrient imbalances in your brain chemistry that could be contributing to symptoms, you can discuss that at your assessment appointment.

Will I be given treatment?

If you do meet the criteria for the diagnosis you will be provided recommendations which could include; stimulant medication, psychotherapy, executive functioning coaching, brain chemistry testing and lifestyle changes.

Can you prescribe medications?

If you are formally diagnosed with ADHD, our Mental Health Nurse Practitioner can prescribe a stimulant medication and continue to monitor you while you take it. We will need a current blood pressure and heart rate reading in order to prescribe the medication. This can be done at your appointment if you are in-person, or you will need to attend your nearest pharmacy to get checked if you are a virtual client.

Follow up appointments are booked to adjust the dosage, type, timing and frequency of the medication, and to provide renewals of your medication prescription. The fee for follow-ups are $150 for 30 minutes or $225 for 60 minutes.

Do I need a psychoeducational assessment?

Most individuals are formally diagnosed with ADHD when they are children due to symptoms that interfere with their ability to perform well at school. The standard way children are assessed is to complete a psychoeducational assessment. This usually includes a battery of interviews, questionnaires and testing to determine one’s cognitive, academic, and emotional functioning. The primary purpose of a psychoeducational assessment is to inform educational planning and support. As an adult, if you believe you should have been diagnosed, it is sufficient, less time consuming, and cheaper. to just complete a medical assessment to determine if you meet the criteria. We currently do not offer psychoeducational assessments.

What if I don’t meet the criteria for the diagnosis?

Many symptoms of ADHD are also common in high stress times, anxiety and mood disorders. Though you may have some of the symptoms that those with ADHD struggle with, you must meet the criteria set out by the DSM-IV (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual) to be officially diagnosed. If you meet the criteria for a different diagnosis you will be notified. We routinely screen all those booking an assessment for both depression and anxiety disorders.

What if I use substances?

It’s very common that those with ADHD use legal and illegal substances to manage their symptoms. Since substances can interfere with completing an accurate assessment, it may be recommended that you treat your substance use first, and then return at a later date to complete the assessment.

Will insurance cover this?

Each person has a different insurance policy, so you may have coverage and you may not. Check with your provider if you have coverage for psychological assessments by a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner or if you can use your healthcare spending account for this service. You may also process the claim as “psychotherapy services.”

Payment is due upon completion of the assessment, and a detailed receipt will be provided including the name of the Nurse Practitioner and his college registration number that you can submit to your insurance company. If you require a quote for the service for pre-approval please contact our office.

Will I receive a report at the end?

For an additional fee of $100 you may request an official report/letter with the findings of your assessment and the conclusion.

Can you complete work or school related forms?

If you just need medical forms filled out this can be done for an additional fee of $70.
ADHD Assessments

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