ADHD Assessment

Living with chronic pain or unresolved trauma is hard. The brain and body are intricately connected. Pain and stress affects mood and mental functioning and vice versa. We have found that combining psychotherapy with a body-based technique offers the best results. Alongside weekly appointments with a therapist selected uniquely for your needs, you will also see our Chiropractor who offers a gentle technique using acupressure points called B.E.S.T (Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique). Together these treatments work to provide relief from stored trauma and physical pain.

Distracted? Unorganized? Can't focus? ADHD affects a large number of individuals and many strategies can be used to help you live a better life. The most important step is to get a clear diagnosis from a medical professional to understand if this is indeed the condition that you have, or if you are struggling with a different mental health issue that requires a completely different approach. In addition, speaking to a therapist can help you learn emotional coping strategies and ways to think differently, its important to work with a team.

What is included:

Price: $600

Each Therapy Session Billed Separately.  Cancel at anytime.

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