Health Coaching

Managing illness and promoting wellness require consistent effort and action. Health coaching helps you put into action the behaviours that you want to engage in, and to help you follow a plan recommended by your physician or practitioner.

What does it help with?

  • Setting the right health goals
  • Understanding the stages of change
  • Overcoming ambivalence
  • Finding personal strengths to draw upon
  • Exploring all the options and resources available

What does a typical session involve?

Offering in a package of sessions, each will last 45 minutes and will address the current goals you want to achieve, any barriers to achieving those goals and supports necessary to stay accountable. A lot of emphasis will be placed on helping you develop self-awareness so that you can become independent in engaging in healthy behaviours.

Who offers this service?

Leah Weisberg, RN BScN BC-NC

Leah Weisberg, RN BScN BC-NC

Nurse Psychotherapist & Coach

  • Helping you create a strategic plan that is appropriate to your health condition, that is enjoyable and that empowers you to feel your best.

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