The Healthy Habits Program

Take control of your health, lose the weight and form healthy habits – for life.

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If …you’re:

  • Tired of feeling tired
  • Ready to say goodbye to the excess weight and/or poor health – for good
  • Want more energy for the things (and people!) you love
  • Sick and tired of diets, apps and supplements that don’t work
  • Are looking for real, lasting, life-changing results

…the Healthy Habits program will help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss and the best version of yourself.


This unique program, offered exclusively by Dynamic Health, combines nutrition and naturopathic support to provide you with a comprehensive plan, personalized support and the accountability you need to build habits that will help you look and feel your best – now and into the future.

Over the course of several weeks, our team will be your guide on a personalized journey towards better health from the inside out – that will leave you feeling healthy, thriving, vibrant and free.

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Dynamic Health Collaborative

Healthcare for the whole you

Through the Healthy Habits Program, you will:

Dynamic Health Collaborative
  • Learn how to eat for energy, weight loss AND to feel calm
  • Master healthy eating best practices, including how to combat sugar cravings
  • Discover how to prepare quick, easy and nutritious meals and snacks that suit your (and your family’s) tastes and lifestyle
  • Unlock new levels of energy for the things (and people) you love

…and (so much) more.

Healthcare for the whole you

Your Complete Roadmap

The Healthy Habits Program

This comprehensive program includes:


Healthy Habits Program

Healthy Habits Program Lite

90 Minute Comprehensive Medical Assessment with Physical Exam with Naturopathic DoctorN
Comprehensive BloodworkN
45 Minute Treatment Plan & Recommendations with Naturopathic Doctor & Holistic NutritionistN
2 x 45 Minute Follow-Up Sessions with Naturopathic DoctorN
90 Minute Comprehensive Lifestyle & Nutrition Assessment with Holistic NutritionistNN
6 x 45 Minute Nutrition Coaching Sessions with Holistic NutritionistNN
Custom Meal Plans1 Full Week1 Full Week
Total Cost


*Each Naturopathic Visit Invoiced Separately




Healthcare for the whole you

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried so many things. How can I be sure this will work?

The reason previous efforts haven’t worked is likely because it was a cookie-cutter program that didn’t make sense for you and/or it didn’t consider your whole wellness picture. This program is the opposite – it is completely customized, based on extensive information gathering (via intakes and lab panels) AND considers all aspects of your wellness.

It also isn’t a quick fix; the fact that this program takes several months to move through is by design, so you can take baby steps and entrench your new habits – with our full support – for the long-term.

This program is so much more than other solutions – why?

Because it isn’t just a plan or a tool for you to do on your own; rather it includes everything you need to change your habits – and lose the weight – for good. This includes full bloodwork panels, personalized, hands-on support and a full, customized meal plan that will work for YOUR life and family.

Are the appointments virtual or in person?

Either or! Depends on your preference.

Is any/all of this program covered by benefits?

Yes – insurance receipts can be provided for almost all aspects of the program (with the exception of blood work). We are also able to direct bill your insurance company.

How long is the program exactly?

It is a 6-8 weeks with the option of purchasing additional 6 week packages. Why? Because we know that life – vacation, illness, family stuff – happens and slow and steady is the way to achieve long-term success.

Can I continue receiving support after the program is complete?

Yes! We make it easy and simply for you to transition to ongoing nutrition support, naturopathic support or both once you’ve completed the program. This is a great way to continue your momentum and ensure long-term success.

Meal plans have never worked for me because I have to feed my family. How is this different?

This is the beauty of customization – before recommending anything we’ll ask about your family situation, preferences and time constraints so that we can create a plan that will work for you AND your family. That may include variations on family meals to new healthy recipes that everyone in your household will (hopefully) enjoy and other creative solutions.

I’m interested! What is the process for signing up?

As with all our services, the first step is to click here to schedule an intake call with our care manager. She will answer your questions and help you determine whether the program makes sense for you and vice versa. If you decide that it’s a fit, she will provide all the information and instructions you need to begin.

Client Testimonial

“I am writing to tell you that, as of today, I now weigh 200lbs. I never thought I would see this number!

I want to thank you for many things, but the most important thing I want to thank you for is for sharing your knowledge and ideas on healthy eating with me.

I never thought I would be eating the things I am eating now. I am seeing firsthand the benefits of eating healthy and unprocessed foods and have no intentions to go back to eating the way I use to eat.

Thank you again so very much for all the time, effort, energy, and motivation you gave me.”

The food you eat can be either the greatest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

– Ann Wigmore

Healthy Habits team discussing the program

Learning how to harness the power of food for weight loss and wellbeing is life changing and hugely empowering.

Healthy Habits goes far beyond telling you what to do; it’s about helping you actually do it, so you can (finally) turn your good intentions into actions that produce results and build habits that will serve you (and your family) for life.

Let’s do it – together.

Healthcare for the whole you