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Is life presenting you with unexpected challenges, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck?
Whether it’s stress, depression, trauma, or a deep yearning for personal growth, our holistic approach to therapy
offers a refreshing perspective on mental well-being.

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Naturopathic Medicine
Our psychotherapy services provide a safe and understanding space where you can begin to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  With a team of over a dozen therapists to choose from, we recognize your unique journey, and address your mind, body and relationships.  At Dynamic Health you will never feel alone in the process, your dedicated Care Manager will guide you through the intake process to determine which therapist is the right match for you, and will offer regular check-ins to measure your progress using evidence-based assessment tools.
Therapy is about a relationship and connection.  It’s about symptom relief, but also about providing you a place of safety.  Our office was custom created to provide a sacred space for personal growth and healing, so we welcome you to attend in-person sessions, however we also do provide virtual sessions.  Made with kindness and compassion, our judgment-free space is the right place to start the journey inwards towards growth and meaning.
The right care, at the right time, by the right practitioner.
Therapy is helpful for various daily stressors and challenges, as well as for more complex medical and psychiatric conditions.  Regardless of why you are seeking psychotherapy services, our goal is to work with you to establish goals that make sense for the short term and the long term.  It is our hope that with therapy you will be able to live a satisfying, hopeful life where you experience meaning and purpose despite your limitations.

What We Can Help With

Everyday Stressors and Challenges

Medical & Psychiatric Conditions

Our Approach To Therapy

Each member of our psychotherapy team brings a unique personality, style and approach to therapy, and therapy is all about the connection with your therapist.  During your consultation call you will get a chance to explore who may be the best person to meet your current needs whether they be warm, challenging, directive, friendly, exploratory, skill-based, or educational - we have someone for you.

Connecting with your therapist is the most crucial part of the process, so we also offer a therapist match guarantee - if you are unhappy with the match provided to you after the first session, we provide you a free session with another therapist in the clinic.
All of our therapists are eclectic, meaning they use different aspects of different treatment types at different
  times, based on your needs in the moment.  Some of the modalities they draw from include;

Psychotherapy Fees

Our clinic fees are broken down by service, program, duration and type of visit and + H.S.T.

1:1 Therapy with a Psychotherapy Intern (1 HR)

$50 - 90 + HST

1:1 Therapy with a Registered Psychotherapist (1 HR)

$130-190 + HST

1:1 Therapy with a Registered Social Worker (1 HR)


Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m new to therapy – how can I make sure I get the most out of it?

First of all, congratulations for taking the first, hardest, and most important step:seeking help. Aside from committing to the process, the most important factor in your success will be the right therapeutic relationship – which means you feel safe and develop trust with your care provider. And our client care manager will take all the guess-work out of that process by matching you up with the right practitioner. Click here to schedule an intake call and begin that process.

I’m not sure whether I need psychotherapy, psychiatry or something else – can you help me figure this out?

Yes. If we are not clear on your diagnosis, have questions, feel medication may be helpful – or if you request it – we can bring in a psychiatrist for a joint consultation and, if necessary, ongoing consultation/treatment.

How will I know therapy is working?

We believe strongly in measurement-based care which is why all clients have the option of completing regular (bi-weekly) inventory assessment scales, which are quick, survey-style questions designed to gauge your symptoms and state of mind. Otherwise, you can expect to feel a greater ability to manage painful emotions, more internal coping resources, an increase in positive emotions, improved interpersonal interactions, and increased self-confidence.

Will I have a say in my treatment plan?

Yes, every step of the way. For us, therapy is about ‘working with’ not ‘doing to’. We take a collaborative approach to your care, which means that your preferences, ideas, and choices matter and nothing happens without your consent and comfort.

Are your therapists trauma-informed?

Yes, all our therapists are trauma-informed, which means they understand trauma and its role as a root cause of a wide variety of issues and illnesses – both mental and physical. If necessary, you will be assigned/referred to a therapist trained in therapy focused therapy.

Is therapy covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately it is not. It is, however, covered by most private insurance plans.

What are your rates? Do you offer a sliding scale?

Our rates are in line with industry standards and we do offer subsidized sessions with our therapy interns, who are closely supervised by our therapy team. If you’re on a tight budget and/or regular fees would be prohibitive for you, please reach out for more information about this option.

Do you offer couples/family therapy?

We do – you can read more about that here.

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