The Future of Care is Integrative Mental Health

We are a team of Toronto based therapists and health professionals helping you heal faster by combining the best of psychotherapy, psychiatry and naturopathic medicine.

Collaborative Mental Health Programs

Whether it’s anxiety, trauma, stress, depression or a deep desire to feel healthier and prevent illness, we are here to help. Our proven and unique programs have been designed to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

5 Months

Getting To The Root
of Mental Illness

  • See if your mental illness stems from micronutrient imbalances.
16 Weeks

Manage Stress
& Anxiety

  • Treat your anxiety and feel calmer in your day-to-day life.
6 Months

Healthy Habits &
Weight Management

  • Take control of your weight and form healthy habits - for life.
16 Weeks

Resolve Pain and Trauma

  • Relieve trauma through somatic & psychotherapy techniques.

Find Out Which Program Is Right For You.

There are many factors that contribute to mental illness and emotional difficulties.  They could be chemical factors such as a lack of neurotransmitters, inflammation in the body and personal or social stressors. We set you up with the right practitioners and treat your mind and body holistically. 

North York Toronto Therapists Therapy Integrative Mental Health Natural Medicine Dynamic Health
  • The staff at Dynamic Health is great! Everyone is very friendly, supportive and understanding. They have an incredible and knowledgeable team, ready to help when you need and how you need it. Definitely recommend if you need any of the services they offer. I am so glad to have found the help that is right for me.

    thumb Letter Project
    August 4, 2021

    Dynamic Health is a wonderful place to go both for preventative health care and also to help deal with specific issues. I highly recommend experiencing the many treatment options that they provide. I have tried two of them and left feeling energized.

    thumb יהודית
    August 3, 2021

    Great experince, felt safe opeing up and being vunerable. Gives great advice and disscuses the road map with you before going through with it. Realy nice and welcoming among the many other great qulities

    thumb Alexandru “GhostStrikes” Mezmer
    February 15, 2022
  • Dr. Blumberg is very professional yet she connects with me with her warm, gentle, and caring manner. She is right on time with my appointment. Her treatment style is different from other chiropractors I have been to. She treats my back pain in a holistic way. I will recommend Dr. Blumberg to my family and friends.

    thumb andy unay
    November 24, 2021

    Everyone I have dealt with here is absolutely incredible from the office staff to the professionals that I saw. They are very customer-focused, kind and easy to deal with. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Melanie Ziltener
    May 17, 2022

    Dr. Sara Pamensky is an amazing therapist , definitely recommend

    thumb JOHN CENA
    April 28, 2022
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